Is this an effect of Global warming?

Unnatural weather change

7/18/20231 min read

  • Global heatwaves and wildfires; record temperatures in China, Europe, and Asia

  • The country's highest temperature ever was recorded in China's western region of Xinjiang.

  • The National Western Region reported that Death Valley in California's Death Valley had the highest temperature ever recorded at 128°F.

  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA, broke the previous record established in 1974 by recording the 18th consecutive day of high temperatures at or over 110°F (as of 7/17/2023).

  • Additionally, Europe is experiencing record temperatures. The European Space Agency issued a warning that Spain, France, Germany, and Poland were only at the start of the heat wave and that far higher temperatures were on the way.

  • Europe may break temperature records, while parts of Asia are dealing with devastating floods and high heat.

  • While In several nations, such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Northeastern United States, Northwest China, and India, heavy precipitation has resulted in deadly floods and the loss of lives.

Forecasts for more extreme weather events worldwide include floods, heat waves and tornadoes.