Zarina Hashmi

An empowered woman, iconic, Indo-American artist

7/16/20232 min read

                                                                                   Zarina Hashmi, born in Aligarh, India in 1937, is an Indian-born,                                                                                                            American artist whose work ranges from simple drawing to printmaking                                                                                            and sculpture and more or less invokes and explores the idea of home,                                                                                             distances, and trajectories impacted by her numerous travels.  Zarina                                                                                               studied mathematics and is attracted by architecture, which is shown in her                                                                                    use of geometry and structural purity in her works. As an Indian lady born as                                                                                    a Muslim, she employs visual aspects from Islamic religious ornamentation,                                                                                     particularly the regular geometry                                            inherent in Islamic                                                                                    architecture.

Her ideas & thoughts can be discovered with following seven books:

  • Zarina: Paper Houses (2007)

  • Zarina Hashmi: Recent Works (2011)

  • Zarina Hashmi: Noor (2011)

  • Lines of Inquiry: Partition, Historiography and the Art of Zarina Hashmi (2012)

  • Zarina: Paper Like Skin (2012)

  • Zarina: Weaving Darkness and Silence (2017)

  • Zarina: Directions to my House (2018)